Rutledge Kitchen…..or R Kitchen is bringing homestyle cooking to a fancy new level in Charleston and West Ashley SC



Rutledge Kitchen’s prime location is downtown on Rudledge Avenue and it’s new location on Ashely River Road.  You will find it tucked away in what appears to be a 1940 built home but once inside it one big kitchen with a large bar to seat its diners.


I had the pleasure to celebrate a special occasion with a group of friends, one who was vegetarian so I was able to get a first-hand taste of how they cater the pre-fix menu to fit even the pickiest palate.

The shelves are rustic and the decor is funky but catering to small groups it is the perfect set up.  My favorite decor, the bathroom, wallpapered in pages from old cookbooks and cooking magazines.  One cookbook I’m sure is an old Gulla book with recipes for Hoppin John, Yullah Yam, and Sweet Toot.



RK takes reservations only and the meal is pre-fixe.  The guests only know what they are eating when it is served.  They cater to special diet requirements such as allergies, vegetarian, and vegan.  As you enter your only clues to the menu are etched on a blackboard behind the bar.


The restaurant has several wines set along the bar for you to enjoy as part of the dinner.  You may bring your own without a corkage fee.  Doors open promptly at 6 but the chefs have been prepping all day and as we enter the smell of seared meat is sumptuous.  We are told by one of the chefs, “They are flavor clouds”.

We pick our seats along the bar, open the wine and begin to chat with our 3 chefs for the evening: Hunter(the life of the party), Devin(food-focused), and Titus (the new kid on the block) made this experience top notch.  We watch them prepare our first course while answering questions  from the 18 guests seated along the bar.

Hunter informs us “We don’t like to be called a restaurant, we are a kitchen”.  What a great concept of bringing the chefs front and center just like a home cooking show but the diner is there to reap the reward.



First course a coconut curry Soup with a fresh slash of cucumber and a spicy bite of coriander.








Hunter and Titus plating our second course











Second course a delicious mound of sticky sushi rice blended with Sazon spice and topped with 2 juicy meatballs, a drizzle of brie cream and a sprinkle of scallions.








Third course fresh made tagliatelle pasta with browned butter pecorino cheese and breadcrumbs.








Forth course Ribeye cooked medium with a zucchini onion tapenade drizzled with bacon demi sauce served over a pool of cauliflower cream sauce.





The vegetarian version of my ribeye course







Dessert usually is not part of the pre-fix menu however we had 2 anniversaries and a birthday celebration so the chefs took it up a notch for us and prepared a delectable dessert.


Chocolate German cake with de leche and fresh whipped cream.



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