Who am I?

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a writer in some sense.  Growing up on a small farm in southeastern Virginia afforded me plenty of imaginary time, playtime with farm animals, hiking with my dog, Toby, and cat, Princess; and daydreaming who I would be when I became an adult.  My favorite time to create stories and songs was while waiting for the bus or walking up our long dirt driveway.  Little did I know at that time, the path of life would lead me into science and medicine convincing me that the creative side of my brain never developed.

Forty years later, I found myself in a career that brought me very little fulfillment.  It was that unhappiness that gave me the courage to begin to write and put my heart and soul into something that would define me outside of my career.  I took an at home writing course and the travel writing began.

Experiencing the world has been a deep passion for me.  I have traveled Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, and Europe but my list is growing.  My desire to share the excitement, encourage someone to broaden their horizons or motivate them to do something brave is taking my career to a new level.

Come with me on The Wanderful Journey……….


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